About Us

After completing her BA (Hons) Degree in Knitwear Design in London, Susan returned to her roots in Norway in 1992 to launch her own design label, Susan Fosse Knitwear. Her ambition, to produce a collection of traditional Norwegian knitwear that is functional in today´s lifestyle, while keeping traditions alive.
Each Susan Fosse garment is made using the finest quality 100% wool, finished to the highest standard using Norwegian pewter hooks and buttons and wool braiding. This is an exclusive collection of knitwear for men, women and children inspired by the landscape of the West coast of Norway and the vibrant city of Bergen.
Choosing a Susan Fosse sweater will give you years of pleasure, combining comfort with contemporary style in a classic timeless garment. 

A note from Susan


Heritage and family help to form the values we hold, the ideas we believe and choices we make. Susan Fosse Knitwear is a culmination of a family´s work ethic, attention to detail, ambition to evolve and wish to enjoy life. The Fosse family whether smoking salmon, building houses or creating art and textiles, have strived for excellence. Never afraid to fail, but willing to adapt and enjoy change. Having a respect for your past, your culture and your surroundings, gives confidence and inspiration for your future.