Why we love wool at Susan Fosse

Susan and her brother Graham at the summer house, 1974

Summers for me were spent growing up in a climate where sunny summer days were precious. We did everything we could to be outside as long as possible when temperatures rose and there was a glimpse of sunshine in between clouds. We stayed outside late into the night enjoying long light nights before the rain that we knew would probably come again tomorrow. These evenings could be chilly to say the least, but we would always have wool sweaters, knitted by my grandmother, to hand to wrap up in. We didn´t know who the sweaters belonged to, they were just always there. A collection of soft, comfy, cozy beautiful patterned jumpers which had that wonderful smell you only get from real wool.

Uncle Dag in one of my favourite sweaters

At that time, I was ignorant to the fantastic properties of the humble wool fibre. I just loved it! I could feel immediately if a jumper was not made of wool. At school in England our uniform included a red jumper made in 100% acrylic. Why, I could never understand. It wasn´t warm, after one week it was out of shape and looked shabby. A couple of months of washing and it was just drab. Wool keeps you warm by insulating air between its fibres while allowing sweat to evaporate and not holding on to any unpleasant odours. You don´t need to wash it every time you wear it, you can just hang it out to air. Wool is naturally water resistant. Wool isn´t itchy, it doesn´t have to be thick and uncomfortable. It can be light, and you can layer it. Unless you are unfortunate enough to be allergic to wool, my only pet fear apart from the horror of being allergic to seafood, there is no excuse not to wear wool from head to toe.

Look at this cardigan mum knitted for me back in the 1970's!
If like us at Susan Fosse you are not interested in changing your wardrobe with every season, but want to have garments that you love and that last a lifetime, and have had as little impact on the environment as possible, choose wool. Wool can always be recycled and is totally bio-degradable. Enjoy investing in sustainable products in all areas of your everyday life.
Have a wonderful day!