Meet the Susan Fosse Team

These social distancing times can easily make us feel extremely isolated. Here at Susan Fosse, we pride ourselves with the amazing sense of community we have managed to build with all of you. We are constantly humbled by the fact that each and every one of the thumbs up you give us and each comment you leave, has a face behind it and you choose to share your story with us. 

We would now like to share with you, a little about the team at Susan Fosse who provide you with a daily dose of beauty and inspiration through social media. Apart from our fabulous knitters producing all our garments, our team counts no more than  F O U R  staff, including Susan herself! In one way or another, you have already interacted with all of us, so we thought you might want to get to know us a little bit better, so that you also get a face and a story to link together.


SUSAN is the brilliant mind that started it all almost 30 years ago. Her love of knitting, colours and textures resulted in the work of a lifetime that you can see here and, if you´ve had the chance to visit her shop at Bryggen, you will probably agree that it's one of the most beautiful shops in the world. If you´ve met Susan, you´ll know she is a positivity bomb, and has a record of 12´000 days smiling in a row? That's almost 33 years! 


If you are reading this blog post, you can thank our talented Social Media Manager, Ruth Sofie. With her roots solidly planted in greater Bergen, she has a deep knowledge and passion for the shades and colours of the West Coast of Norway, and delivers them straight to you wherever you can find us. She may look quiet, but has a bold side – in fact, as her own bachelorette party required, she paraglided down Bergen´s tallest mountain, Ulriken (approx. 2000 ft). If that´s not adventurous, I don´t know what is!


If you visited our shop at Bryggen, or our stall at the Fish Market this past year, chances are you chatted a bit with our lovely Ausra. Hailing all the way from Lithuania, she has been brightening up many a rainy day ever since she joined our Dream Team. The only thing bigger than her goal of becoming a full-time vegan activist is her love of cheese ;)


When you place your order in our online store, it is likely that you will make contact with our very own Daniela who with her dry sense of humour and witty comments, brightens all our days.  As with any Italian worthy of this name, she has an irrepressible superiority complex when it comes to food, and has been crying her eyes out at every Lord of the Rings marathon since she saw it for the first time.


We are a small team coming from very different paths of life, and we all have found our place in the Susan Fosse universe. And to some extent, so have you – how magical is that? Bergen brought us together before. It is only a matter of time before we can meet again. Until then, this is where our and your stories and faces cross paths.


Many socially distanced hugs,

The SF team