Susan's Summer Favourites

Susan in Bryggen Cardigan and Boathouse Wool&Silk Scarf

Of course I love all my creations and to pick my absolute favourite is not easy. I wear all my garments and enjoy their unique qualities and characteristics on different days and during different seasons.

This summer I was lucky enough to have a wonderful inspiring trip to Lofoten. We travelled in June, when the weather was gorgeous and the roads empty. With me, I had my Bryggen Glacier cardigan and Boathouse wool and silk scarf. Both proved to be invaluable during 3 weeks of living in a tent. Showers and a hairdryer were not always available, but wearing my Bryggen cardigan and Boathouse scarf, I didn't feel that I looked too shabby! When attempts were made to brace the icy seawater, I used my scarf to dry off and my cardigan to snuggle up in afterwards.

Summer Boathouse

Do you recognise the boathouse in the middle of the picture? It is the same boathouse pictured on our Boathouse wool and silk scarf - which Susan is wearing in the photo at the top of the post. The original Boathouse picture was taken in the autumn, here you can see how different it looks during the summer. This charming village is called Solvorn and can be found in Luster, Vestland. 

The rivers we passed on our trip, were full of the glacial waters which inspired the colour of the Bryggen cardigan. I love the delicate aqua tone combined with the taupe contrast border and the beautiful pewter buttons. The greys in the Boathouse scarf complemented it perfectly. When It was too hot to wear the scarf, my partner used it to protect his head from the burning sun through the open sun roof. I have a photo of this, but I'm not allowed to share it here!

Have a wonderful summer :)

- Susan