January 2021 and we are off to a wonderful start!

Here in Bergen, 2021 started with more restrictions due to Covid. Then the snow arrived and we spent all our time outside, enjoying every moment of the winter wonderland. Bergen has never looked prettier. We layered up with our winter wool favourites and made the most of the snow and the longer, lighter days. Then whoosh, and the snow turned to rain. All that is left of the snow in town are lethal patches of bone breaking ice. I speak from personal experience - 18 years to the day since i smashed my leg and ankle on one of these! 

Do you have winter wool accessories you cannot live without? Here are the Susan Fosse team’s winter favourites:  


When I lay in the slush by the roadside waiting for the ambulance all those years ago, it's not the pain I remember, it's the kindness of strangers. One man gently laid his rucksack, which must have got soaked, under my head, while an elderly man held my hand and kept me calm. He was wearing the most worn out fingerless mittens I'd ever seen. He took such good care of me. I knitted a new pair of mittens to thank him, but sadly never found him. I designed our Bryggen Fingerless mittens with him in mind. I love that you can still touch and feel what you are doing while keeping warm.

- Susan


Whether I'm out taking photos, or playing with the kids in the snow, our Rundemann Fingerless mittens are my go to mittens. To be able to take a photo, post on Instagram or help the kids put on their own mittens, makes life so much easier without having to keep putting your own mittens on and off. These are a must for me!

- Ruth Sofie


My absolute favourite for winter are my blue Bryggen mittens. I bought them from Susan in 2016 and haven't spent a winter without them! They are the warmest mittens I've ever had and they help me take care of my hands through the coldest of days. I'm a very colourful person, but for autumn and winter I like to wear darker colours. The little splash of blue in my outfits, gives me so much joy and these Bryggen mittens travel with me wherever I go. They are easy to match and very comfortable. I’m just totally in love with them!

- Aušra


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