Bring colour to your home with our Images of Norway collection

The other day I read about how many of us are hitting a Pandemic Wall. For almost a year we have been coping with lockdowns, home schooling, home office and a constant hope of returning to what we used to call normal. It is not surprising we are worn out.
Here in Bergen we have been blessed with a fantastic start to the new year with masses of snow, constant clear skies, cold temperatures and glorious sunshine. We've been dressed head to toe in wool and have made the most of the brilliant light, warm rays and local nature while Bergen has been under the strictest restrictions so far. "Bergensere" who have endured many a gloomy, rainy and bleak winter, have soaked up and made the most of every day full of sunshine. Today however, a bank of clouds has covered the blue skies and the long term forecast is for rain, rain and more rain. Snowy paths will quickly turn to icy obstacle courses, we will hide our beautiful sweaters under rainwear and umbrellas and retreat back into our homes. 
But hey, things are not so bleak inside. Now is the time to enjoy those scatter cushions and tea towels with images of our beautiful nature and dream of the day we can venture out again.

Here is how we in the Susan Fosse team enjoy our Images of Norway products: 

Susan's tea towels are so great! Our kitchen is very modern with a lot of white. I'm very happy that I can freshen it up with my Skansen tea towel. I have a few of Susan's designs and I always proudly exhibit them in our interior everyday.

I normally use my cushions on a bench in the garden from early spring to late autumn. Now they brighten up my sofa with colour and hope of better times.

Ruth Sofie 
I love to knit and always have several projects on the go at once. The smallest ones I like to keep in these lovely cotton pouches with one of my favourite motifs from the Images of Norway collection.

How do you use your Images of Norway products? 
We would love to see your photos!
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