Try our Easter Quiz!


Here in Norway we are particularly fond of Easter, and have various Easter traditions. We usually go to our mountain cabins, go on skiing trips, eat oranges and Kvikklunsj (our own version of KitKat) and have a great time hanging out with friends and family. Easter this year will be very different to what we´re used to, but we will carry those traditions with us and make new homebound Easter celebrations anyway.

One tradition which is loved by young and old and we are very fond of at Susan Fosse, is the Easter quiz. This tradition we would like to share with you from afar! 

Here are 15 questions about Susan Fosse, Bryggen, Bergen and Easter. Enjoy!

Find the answers at the bottom of this post, just select them to make them more visible. 


Susan Fosse

1. What is Susan´s cat´s name? 

  • Luna
  • Lily
  • Marilou

2. Our Ulriken children sweater comes in these colour combinations:

  • Black, white and red
  • Pink, light blue and grey
  • Red, navy and grey

 3. How many designs do our buffs come in? 

  • 7
  • 10

4. Which accessory does Susan have in the top picture on our website?

  • Hardanger hat 
  • Bryggen headband
  • Rundemann headband 

5. At which temperature do we recommend that you wash wool on?

  • 60 ˚C
  • 40 ˚C
  • 30 ˚C



Bryggen Bergen

6. How many people live in Bergen

  • 280´000 
  • 370´000
  • 150´000

7. What does “gift” mean in Norwegian?

  • Married
  • Poison
  • Both 

8. How many days of rain does Bergen get in one year?

  • 150
  • 260
  • 480

9. Which anniversary does Bergen celebrate this year?

  • 950th anniversary since its foundation
  • 400th anniversary since the last big city fire
  •  20th anniversary as wettest city in Norway

 10. What does "Bjørgvin" mean (Bergen´s former name)?

  • Between the seven mountains
  • The green meadow between the mountains 
  • The fjord below the mountains


11. How many oranges do Norwegians eat at Easter (total)?

  • 10 million
  • 5 million
  •  20 million 

12. Which is the favourite literary genre to read at Easter?

  • Crime
  • Sci-Fi
  • Comedy

13. What do Norwegians usually eat at Easter?

  • Lamb steak
  • Lutefisk
  • Duck

14. What is the most typical fruit to eat at Easter in Norway?

  • Plum
  • Apple
  • Orange 

 15. What does Golgata mean (the place where Jesus was crucified)?

  • Skull 
  • Death
  • Grave



P.S.: If these 15 questions aren't quite enough to quench your quiz thirst, head over to our Instagram Stories, where we will be posting 5 extra questions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Happy Easter!







1) Lily, 2) Red, navy and grey, 3) 7, 4) Rundemann headband, 5) 30 C
6) 280k, 7) both, 8) 260, 9) 950th, 10)  The green meadow between the mountains 
11) 20mil, 12) Crime, 13) Lamb steak, 14) Orange, 15) Skull