5 ways you can tie your scarf

Hello everyone, Daniela here!

Hope you all are keeping safe and sane in these crazy times, wherever you are. I sure am (or trying at least), and I´ve been having a great time rediscovering the small joys that life has to offer now that we are somehow forced to slow down a bit. I´ve been experimenting in the kitchen, been making my own cosmetics (or trying at least), and caught up on my countless reading projects. Mindblowing, I know!

Something I have been excited about lately is how easy it is to play around with Susan´s gorgeous wool and silk scarves. Not only colour-wise, but also when it comes to ways you can tie them around! I´ll be honest with you, I am a sucker for “short-looking” scarves, and here you will find my five favourite ways you can tie yours. The scarf I used in the pictures is our beautiful Reflection scarf, from our Images of Norway collection.


1. The Cape

This will turn you into your own superhero! Start by draping your scarf behind your neck, then twist it around itself twice. Now you can spread the two ends of the scarf over your shoulders. Voilà!

How to tie your scarf: The Cape


2. Classic twist

Start with a classic loop. Then start twisting the scarf around on either side of the loop.

How to tie your scarf: The Classic Twist

3. Fashion twist

    This is my absolute favourite! First fold the scarf in two, and drape it behind your neck. Then, slide one end of the scarf under the loop, and the other end over the loop.

    How to tie your scarf: The Fashion Twist


    4. The fisherman knot

      Start with a wide, basic loop, which you will then twist around itself. Slide both ends of the scarf into this smaller loop.

      How to tie your scarf: The Fisherman Knot

      5. Infinity loop

        Start by tying the ends of the scarf together; place the knot behind your neck, then twist the loop around itself, and lift this new loop behind your neck

        How to tie your scarf: The Infinity Loop


        Give these a try, and make sure to let us know if you have a favourite way we did not include in the list. Take good care of yourselves!